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In recent years it has become more fashionable to have cosmetic procedures. Tattoo studios and beauty clinics offering both tattooing of the skin and “semi-permanent” make up to the eyebrows have become more readily available and seem to be opening up all over the place. Consequently, it has never been easier to have work undertaken to decorate the body or enhance facial features in the case of eyebrow tattooing. 

Unfortunately this also means that not everybody that offers this service is as proficient as you would like them to be and sub standard work is often carried out. This, or a change of circumstances or heart means that all too often we wish that we could “undo” what has been done! Fortunately, here at Laser Eraser® Wirral we understand the position that you are in and offer a service using state of the art equipment and Gold Standard treatment protocol to do just that. 

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Know someone that want's their Tattoo, Pigment removed or Eyebrow Correction?

We now offer a Gift Certificate for any value you choose, that can be redeemed off any treatment from us!

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