Eyebrow Correction Services

Currently lots of ladies are following the celebrity trend by having their eyebrows tattood on, which, when done right can look absolutely stunning! Unfortunately as this is such a popular procedure, many places are offering the service but dont have the skills to do them correctly to match your face shape or the look that you are trying to achieve. Sometimes it may just be that you are bored with them and want a change. As a consequence of this many people are unhappy and with it being on the face, this is a big issue.

Fortunately if you are one of these people, dont worry, help is at hand. We are able to remove these to take your face back to the natural look that you had before they where applied. The procedure of appling what they call semi-permanant makeup is fundamentaly tattooing using different pigment composition. Often these will fade a lot from the original application and leave an unsightly grey or even red residue. This means that they may need to be redone regularly or..... If they have gone red, it's because the composition of the pigment contains zinc oxide and when the black fades this is what is left, a single procedure with our laser will blacken them which may be sufficient for what you want.

A couple of more procedures will normally remove them so that you can go back to the natural look or even have them redone to a shape that you are happier with. The procedure is quick and the sensation is similar to having them applied in the first place.

Don't live unhappy with them, after all your face is what the world sees, don't delay, call me today! Tel: 0151 203 0004


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